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April 15th 29,569 notes
They burned the bridge, then ask why I don’t visit.
- Ugo Eze 

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its monday tomorrow why does this keep happening 

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April 13th

4:30 am,

hungry and sleepy,

do i want to go eat or fall asleep

staying up all night because I can’t decide


Whose idea was it to go to the park in the rain anyway?
April 11th

Watching ulzzang shidae to remind myself all I need is photoshop

April 10th 404,032 notes


hey there delilah what’s it like in new york city i’m a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do

i installed a camera in your room

i’m watching you

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April 9th

Walked in heels all day

My leg feels crippled

April 9th 100 notes
You’re sound asleep,
I’m awake crying.
- Six Word Story

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April 6th 1 note


April 6th 197,246 notes


i may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep inside im actually angrier

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April 6th 24 notes


Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed with how much I am able to love someone. And I just can’t understand what it is that he’s looking at when he stares at me for no reason, and I just can’t understand how giving and kind he is and how lovely it is when he gives me butterfly kisses and how he laughs at me when I watch him shave in the morning. How when I’m sad, he places a puppy in my lap and rubs my back and when my tummy is upset, he makes it warm, and every single time I need to get up, he takes my hand and helps me. When I’m tired he carries me and he doesn’t mind watching me sleep all day and when he’s embarrassed he hides under all the pillows and blankets. I can’t understand it at all because I’m awful and selfish and he’s so gentle and soft and brilliant. When I’m sick, he makes me soup and when he thinks something is cute he groans and kicks his legs and looks like he’s going to cry. And although we’ve been through a lot and we’ve both had our depression/anxiety swings, we’ve made it this far and I can’t ever see myself leaving. He still takes the time to tell me I’m beautiful and pretty and to tell me I smell nice or he likes my dress and that my legs look long today. And in the shower, he washes my hair, and in the bath, we listen to French music, and he lets me know that I look sexy when I smoke, and when we’re fighting we make up by angrily falling asleep and waking up and cuddling. He wants to take me to Taos and he wants to take me to Mexico and Canada and Europe and he wants to hike to Machu Picchu with me. He calls me Princess and Sweet Pea when I’m crying and we share sunglasses and hats and shirts. We talk about cinematography and soundtracks and we show each other new movies and we can lay silently and not speak a word and it’s still as lovely as any other moment. And I just love that finally I’ve found someone who loves me as much as I love them, because that’s never happened to me before. I honestly just can’t understand how it came to be at all but I’m so glad for it. I hope he never sees this because I’m going to look like a big old dork.

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